1.7.16 WOD

January 6, 2016

Athletes, We are having so issues with our website. You may not see some of our post that we have made recently. We are trying to get this resolved.

Coach Leo

10 Minute minimum, Max Effort EMOM of:
5 Touch N Go Power Cleans @ 70% of 1RM

Note: If you do not complete 10 Minutes, you will have a penalty. Your penalty will be, 8 burpees per minute not completed as touch n go. Your total number of burpees owed for the penalty will be done once the 10 minute mark has been hit. I.E. if you can only complete 5 minutes touch n go, then you would have 40 burpees on minute 11. Burpees do not have to be completed in a minute.

Touch N Go: your plates will tap the floor between each reps. The barbell may not rest on the floor at all, not even to re-grip the barbell. You may rest the barbell in the hang position or the front rack position as much as you like and re-grip here.