11.19.14 WOD

November 19, 2014

Athletes, just to clarify on the days that will only be offered as a perk to unlimited members. This is just the days that are randomly thrown in via Facebook. All Saturdays are still free to the public and to all members along with all our holiday schedules times.

Coach Leo

10 Minute Clock (6 Attempts Allowed)
1 Rep Max from the Rack
RX: Max OH Squat
Scaled: Max Back Squat
Masters: Max Front Squat
The bar will start from the rack for all three divisions. An “attempt” is when the bar is taken from the rack. Movement standard; hips crease below the knee and the athlete must stand up completely with hips locked out. The athlete is responsible for his or her own bar. If the bar falls to the ground, the athlete must get the bar back on the rack by himself or herself.