Monthly Archives: September 2015

9.2.15 WOD

Strength/WOD: Jerk (Split is allowed) Back Squat 1×5 1×3 1×1 1×1 1×1 Athletes, if you are good with the split jerk go ahead and split. Make sure it is on point every time. If you have a 1RM for your back squat make sure to use the percents we put up on the white board. […]

9.3.15 WOD

Strength/WOD: Snatch Snatch Pull 1×5 1×3 1×1 1×1 1×1 Make sure you take longer breaks as your weights get heavier. Rest to the point of recovery not cool down.

9.4.15 WOD

Athletes, if you missed any of the lifts this week, you will have a chance to make them up next week. We will be running wods like regular during classes. If you missed a lift and need to make it up sign in to a class time like normal and come in and make up […]

9.6.15 WOD

Athletes, don’t forget that this week is make up week. You will have the opportunity to make up any lifts you missed. There will still be a regular class WOD during the week, so make sure you come prepared to do any mobility and warm up you might need for your lifts. If you have […]

9.8.15 WOD

WOD: 21-15-9 For time of: Deadlift 225/160 Box Jumps 24/20″ Watch that first jump.

9.9.15 WOD

Athletes, remember that when you come in to make up your missed lifts you are going to be more or less on your own during this. We had our test week last week to hit all these lifts. The coaches will answer questions and give a quick demo, but are not there to teach you […]

9.10.15 WOD

WOD: Ascending and descending ladder for time of: 150 Squats 100 Sit-Ups 50 Push-Ups 100 Sit-Ups 150 Squats 20 Minute cap time.

9.11.15 WOD

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP of: 12 Ring Dips 48 Double Unders

9.14.15 WOD

Athletes, today we start our 12 week oly cycle. Their will be a ton of things to get through in 1 hour, so please be on time and pay attention to your coaches. Coach Leo Warm-Up: 10 Pass Throughs 10 Halos 2x Burgener Warm-Up (1st rd. w/PVC, 2nd w/BB) Junk Yard Dog x5 (each) Oly […]

9.15.15 WOD

Lurong athletes, you have until the 21st to get your WOD 1 judged and submitted. We will not be judging on the 21st, so make sure you get in before then to get it done. We will be judging WOD 1, Measuring and getting weights at the following times. Tuesday to Friday – 1:30-5:30pm If […]