8.19.15 WOD

August 18, 2015

Athletes, just a reminder about our pool WOD this Saturday at 8 and 9am at the George Prout Pool in Richland off of Swift. It is 5 dollars for members and 10 for non members. There will be no Saturday WOD at the box. We will all meet at the pool and do a WOD there. Hope to see everyone there bright and early.

Oly Strength:
Snatch – 5 x 1
Snatch Pull – 3 x 3
Front Squat – 5 x 2

For Time:
400m Run
45 Back Squats 115/80
200m Run
30 Front Squats 115/80
100m Run
15 Overhead Squats 115/80

12 Minute cap time.