Black Friday!!!!!

November 27, 2015

Do NOT miss out on our annual NSX Black Friday Sale! This only happens once a year and is good until Sunday (29th) at 11:59pm only.

20% off memberships for new and existing members, paid in full today. Pay for a minimum of two months and maximum six months as long as you pay 100% before the end of the weekend. Absolutely no refunds, exchanges, additions or changes of any kind once membership is purchased. We would prefer payment by ACH, but will accept credit cards.

$15 off case of FitAid, limit 3. We will allow you to keep one at the box on your punch card, but additional cases must be purchased and taken home with you.

15% off case of Quest bars, in stock flavors only.

20% off in-stock apparel.

You MUST email Coach Mary at Texts, Facebook messages or in-person requests will not be honored, only to keep everything straight. We don’t want to miss a request!

Remember, this is good this weekend only. Get to your email this minute. Tell a friend who may be interested, so everyone gets a chance to see the offer!