Box Etiquette

  • Chalk
  • Placement – when people are lifting
  • Cleaning up
  • Rowers
  • Courteous of others, cheering them on
  • Don’t pick up things until everyone is done
  • Integrity speech


  • Honor sheets
  • Fit aid Cards
  • Merchandise
  • Website (Rogue and Reebok)


  • Drop-in Price
  • Please don’t just invite your friends on a random day and expect that they can do the same workout as you, steps must be followed starting with New Intro Class
  • Referral credit: Every time you refer someone and they join, you will receive a $25 credit to your account that can be used towards merchandise. Just make sure the new member or you tell us.

Membership Info

  • Any changes in membership REQUIRE 15 days’ notice minimum no exceptions due to billing process
  • Changes to your payment method is done within your Mind body account (under my info, edit update info)
  • Download the MindBody App to sign-up for your classes
  • Facebook & our website are primary communication source to members
  • Making up or Missing days: We DO NOT want you to miss out on visits, so our policy is to let us know via email at least 1 day prior to missing, called into work, vacation so you can make up the visit(s). Without prior notification, we cannot allow make-up visits. It is not a requirement on the owners it is a kind act.
  • Saturdays: 8 am FREE to members only and 9 am also FREE to members as well as nonmembers. These classes are the ONLY free visits each week


  • Safety is our #1 concern, therefore, when kids are misbehaving or should not be on the Box floor, a coach may discipline them (will never physically touch them) and may have to do burpees too!
  • In the summer time, the kids are allowed in the back of the building but must stay behind the building or on our sidewalks yet out of members’ way.
  • We do not allow kids on the floor when members are on it, when the floor is not in use (usually during stretch time) the kids are welcome to come out and have some fun.
  • We do not provide babysitters so speak to your children of your expectations since they will need to fend for themselves.
  • We don’t like the kids going upstairs, again for safety reasons.
  • Please ask your kids to clean up the play room after your workout.