Nick’s Zone: Chorizo Plantain Breakfast Pie





Nick Massie of brings us a spicy breakfast pie with chorizo and plantains.

In a preheated cast-iron skillet, Massie starts cooking the chorizo before quartering the blackest plantains he can find and adding them to the pan.

“The thing I like about this dish is that maybe it’ll expose you to two ingredients that you haven’t used before,” he says of chorizo and plantains. “I recommend incorporating both of them into your diet.”

After adding ingredients including peppers, onions, mushrooms and eggs, Massie covers the skillet to sit while he makes the guacamole.

Once the guacamole is done, Massie suggests broiling the breakfast pie on high for about five minutes to get rid of some of the moisture.

After the pie is sliced, he puts a bit of the guac on top to balance out the fat for a delicious two-block breakfast.

To download the recipe for chorizo plantain breakfast pie, click here.

Video by Nick Massie and Jesse Kahle.