3.1.16 WOD

February 29, 2016

Athletes, we just want to say congrats to all the athletes who completed the Crossfit Open workout 16.1. We are very excited to announce that we have 79 athletes doing the Open this year. More then last year, which is amazing to see our box grow and our open roster grow. Thank you to all that helped judge this week. We could not of done it without you. One week down, four to go. Best of luck to everyone.
Coach Leo

14 Minute AMRAP of:
5, 2 for 1 WallBalls
1 Muscle Up
5, 2 for 1 WallBall
2 Muscle Up
5, 2 for 1 WallBall
3 Muscle up

Climb the ladder as high as possible…
( WallBall’s @ 20/14 & 10/9′)