Coach Katie



In October 2014, I joined Natural Selection CrossFit, and have been in love with CrossFit and this gym ever since. After being a mom to young children and going to college and working, I had fallen out of shape and was lacking confidence in several areas of life. I started eating a paleo diet in 2013, and a lot of my cookbooks and people I followed on social referenced CrossFit, so it was in the back of my mind. I worked at UPS as a supervisor at the time, and a change of address slip came through for a Natural Selection package because they were moving gyms (to the current location), so I nabbed Leo’s number off the form and gave him a call. AND, so glad I did.

It truly is hard to put into words the full transformation that that phone call has made in my life. Like a brickhouse, I built the foundation – exercise and nutrition – and by building up those two with consistency, the rest of the pieces of my life began to follow- focusing on all factors of health (sleep, mental, social, etc.), transitioning to better social situations, making a career change, obtaining my master’s degree, teaching my children (and now step children) healthy lifestyle habits from a young age, being a strong/confident woman and mother – to name a few of the biggest. I know I have done some good when I hear both of my daughter’s say, I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be strong and healthy.

I was born and raised in Central Oregon, and moved to the Tri-Cities in 2011. Away from family and friends back home, joining CrossFit also gave me an avenue to meet new friends. The community at NSX is something special and next to none. I have met some of my favorite people and lifelong friends at this gym. When the opportunity to obtain my L1 came about, it seemed like the next best step in this journey.

My favorite lifting coach always says “a little by a little becomes a lot” and nothing about my CrossFit journey could be more true. With this new adventure, I hope to help new members gain the confidence they need to keep showing up, doing the hard work, and see their life’s transform as well.