Kim Slagle

Kim Slagle


My CrossFit journey started in October of 2015. Prior to starting CrossFit I competed in the couch potato olympics. I tried getting into a globo gym on many occasions, but it just wasn’t what I needed. Each time I’d go one I would end up just quitting within a month. A friend of mine talked me into a Saturday class at NSXFit, so I figured why not I will give it a try. It was very challenging and I couldn’t do half of the things they wanted me to try. After an hour long class I was hooked. I was hooked because they kept me entertained and moving the entire time and most of the time it didn’t even feel like I was working out. More having fun than anything.

Over the years, I have grow to be a better athlete and CrossFitter. What does that look like you ask. Well I went from eating a bag of Funyuns and drinking a Code Red Mountain Dew for breakfast to now meal prepping and counting my Marcos. I do this because I feel so much better physically and mentally when I do. Crossfit isn’t just a work out regimen, it is a life style.

I have also competed in CrossFit competitions, such as the CrossFit Open and The Atomic Throw Down. Me the same girl that loves to just sit in my room, vegging out on some General hospital. LOL The main reason I continue to CrossFit is because I have two beautiful boys that are my life and They keep me motivated to want to be healthy and teach them healthy habits.

CrossFit has been the fitness platform I’ve actually stuck with. I really enjoy CrossFit, and I love the community that comes with it.